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Independent living programs for adults with disabilities

Independent Living Programs in Northampton

When it comes to feeling and being independent, there‚Äôs nothing like living in your own place. A home is your safe place, your sanctuary but most of all, it’s yours.

What are the benefits of living independently with a dedicated carer helping with daily chores and tasks that you or your family might find it difficult to complete on a daily basis? Extra care is important but so is having the freedom to live life on your terms. If you are looking for your own place or you are a family member or friend seeking accommodation for someone with disabilities in the Northampton area then check out our brand new, modern independent living facility’s in Wellingborough and Bexhill.

We believe that disabled individuals are themselves better at assessing their needs than anyone else. Whilst care is essential, so is the freedom that living independently allows. The individual living approach means that adults with disabilities have the opportunity to make personal choices which is so important for mental health and wellbeing.

This sort of housing is ideally suited to individuals whose disabilities do not put too many limitations on them. It is the least restrictive level of independent living available.

Adapted Accommodation

Our modern apartments both in Wellingborough and Bexhill are kitted out to make living with a disability easier than it might otherwise be. Our care teams are dedicated, motivated and on hand to help with medication, chores and daily tasks.

Wellgate Supported Living Programs

We support adults with both physical and learning disabilities and on top of our independent living programs we have five care homes across Folkestone in Kent.

We specialise in care for adults with multiple sclerosis, lasting stroke symptoms, cerebral palsy. We offer both long and short term residential care as well as our extra-care housing.